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Buy Online 18 Watt T5 Single Batten providing bright lighting that lasts longer and saves up to 80% of energy. It is smartly and uniquely designed using Aluminium to provide maximum usability, along with an impressive heat sink, making it an ideal replacement for the old incandescent bulbs.

  • High Representation 75CRI For Bright Colours

Color Rendering Index (CRI) describes how the appearance of colours in interiors is affected by the light source. Natural light outdoors has a CRI of 100 and is used as a comparison standard for other light sources. If you Buy Online 18 Watt T5 Single Batten from Orient, the CRI will always be higher than 75 which reflects colours naturally.

  • Comfortable For The Eyes

Most lighting fixtures are harsh on the eyes and cause strains. If they are too bright, you get glared, and if too soft, they cause flickering. Gently light up your life with Orient LED Battens by paying a very reasonable Online Batten Light Price in Pakistan.

  • Instant Lighting

Orient LED battens light up immediately when switched on and provide full brightness without you having to wait.

  • 8-Year Life Span

On paying the Orient Batten Tube Light Price, you get a lifetime of lighting for up to 18 hours – 10 hours/day, ensuring to create the desired vibe for up to 8 years.

  • Safe And Convenient

Orient LED battens are made without using any hazardous material, making them safe for use and convenient for recycling.

  • Varying Color Temperatures

The LED battens come in different color temperatures for you to choose, according to their units called Kelvin (K). Battens with a lower Kelvin lend out a warm and cozy light, while ones with a higher value lend a more illuminate and energised light.

  • Hassle-Free Lighting

LED battens by Orient are a life-long alternative to the incandescent light bulbs that are a hassle to install. Maintain the lighting in your home for the years to come by installing Orient LED Battens and get on-point brightness.